Sally Grayson with Black Swift

Sally Grayson


My Illustration: I’m not afraid of you !!!

Thank you Sally for your modelling.


Group exhibiton at the Karlskaserne Ludwigsburg.

I’m so happy, when children love my illustration. I like it so much ;-))))


Vernissage and Concert – 01. Juni 2018 in Aloft Hotel Stuttgart.

Thank you so much.



Concert in DER LUKE – 02.12.2017.

The night was great. Thank you Sally Grayson,

Zar Monta Cola und Bertram Oeler.



Releases their new Album – SEE ME HUMAN – 22. Juli 2017 im Keller Klub.

Thank you for the great night and your music !!!

Post-punkified Americana n’ Roll