Art-Challenge: Doodle a day

I’m joining “Doodle a day” in Instagram inspired by Rhianna Wurman, ellolovey


Day 1: tiger


Day 2: peppermint


Day 3: bed


Day 4: warm drink


Day 5: holly


Day 6: bell


Day 7: letter


Day 8: giving


Day 9: bake


Day 10: gold


Day 11: rabbit


Day 12: sparkle


Day 13: gingerbread


Day 14: tree


Day 15: fireplace – it is so great, to have a fireplace outside in the garden.


Day 16: ornament – the boughts of a tree are like an ornament of the night.


Day 17: nutcracker – this is another way of a nutcracker / Tannenhäher. A bird in the nature,

it loves so much hazelnuts ;-))))


Here the 9 BESTS pictures of the Drawing Challenge “Doodle a day”:


Day 18: frame – the nature is a soul-frame für your life and your balance.


Day 19: wreath – the boughs of the trees are like a wreath in the sky.


Day 20: lights – the berries are food for the birds in the winter and their highlights ;-)))


Day 21: winter – happy evening and enjoy the snow !!!


Day 22: cookies – the berries of the mistletoe are cookies for the birds !


Day 23: socking – the boughs of the bush are like a food stocking for the birds.


Day 24: santa –  ho ho ho, santa is in hurry !


Day 25: peace – an egg in the nest of a bird. What a miracle !!!


All the little drawings for the art challenge “Doodle a day” inspired by @ellolovey.

Thank you so much. It was a pleasue and a joy !!!