Art-Challenge: Inktober 2018

Inktober 2018:

Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.

Day 1: Poisonous – Blowfish.

Day 2: Tranquil – The life in the depth of the ocean is very quiet.

Day 3: Roasted – When you touch a jellyfish, then you are ROASTED ;-))

Day 4: Spell – The depth of the ocean is a magical WORLD.

Day 5: Chicken – I’m sure, the fish likes CHICKEN. What do you think ??

Day 6: Drooling – The shark is always hungry, it’s searching and DROOLING.

Day 7: Exhausted – I don’t like to wake up. I’m tired and EXHAUSTED, says the seashell.

Day 8: Star – The starfish is the STAR of the deep blue sea.

Day 9: Precious – The oystershell has a PRECIOUS pearl inside.

Day 10: Flowing – The dolphin is jumping and FLOWING in the sea.

Day 11: Cruel – The sting of the blue spotted Skate will cause a CRUEL pain.

Day 12: Whale – My life and ma passion is the ocean, says the WHALE.

Day 13: Guarded – The whale GUARDED the whale-baby in the deep blue ocean.

Day 14: Clock – I’m the fastest fish in the ocean and on the planet, says the Black Marlin. Take a CLOCK and test it.

Day 15: Weak – The plastic garbage in the ocean makes me WEAK and ill, says the turtle.

Day 16: Angular – The yellow Boxfish is very ANGULAR, like a suitcase and loves the ocean.

Day 17 – Swollen – The SWOLLEN yellow blowfish is happy in the deep blue ocean.

Day 18 – Bottles – I don’t like plastic BOTTLES in the deep blue ocean, says the clownfish.

Day 19 – Scorched – The jellyfish SCORCHED with their dangling tentacles the prey.

Day 20 – Breakable – The magical world of the corals in the deep blue ocean is very BREAKABLE.

Day 21 – Drain – You should not DRAIN oil into the ocean, says the seahorse !

Day 22 – Expensive – It is so EXPENSIVE to clean the water and us, when there is an accident with a super oil tanker, say the fish.

Day 23 – Muddy – The pink shrimps tend to congregate around the MUDDY bottom of the ocean floor.

Here the 9 BESTS pictures of the Drawing Challenge INKTOBER 2018 inspired by Jake Parker.

Day 24: Chop – East CHOP lighthouse on Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts.

Day 25: Prickly – I’m very, very PRICKLY, says the quillfish !!

Day 26: Stretch – The huge mass of plastic waste is STRETCHing in the ocean, says the fish !!

Day 27: Thunder – Sometimes there are big waves in the ocean, they call it THUNDER waves, says the fish.

Day 28: Gift – Give yourself and your friends the GIFT of a healthy ocean and abundant wildlife.

Day 29: Double – Pazific DOUBLE-saddle butterflyfish.

Day 30: Jolt – JOLThead porgy fish.

Day 31: Slice – Illustration: Oceanlife. All 30 SLICEs of my timy little drawings with artistpen and

Colour Pencil Ploychromos for the Art Challenge INKTOBER 2018 inspired by Jake Parkder.

Thank you so much ! It was so great !!