Markus Merkle

Thank you, Markus. From 2013 I can grow forward in my spirit of arts in the

school of arts “Labyrinth” (open artist’s workshop) in Ludwigsburg.

DSCN0810_neuCollage 2014, Title = artist Markus Merkle, 85 x 60 cm


Markus Merkle, artist.

1998-2005 Study of sculpture at the university of arts in Munich, in the class of Prof. Olaf Metzel.

Exhibitions in Bangalore/Indien, ZDB Lisboa/Portugal, Amsterdam,/Holland, Club of arts “Malkasten” Düsseldorf,

Kuma Gallery Berlin, Gallery Burger/München, Minneapolis/USA.

Course instructor in the studio of arts.

(Biography excerpt from the catalog school of arts Labyrinth)