Kindergarten art workshop

2014 =

art-workshop at the “kindergarten Freiberg am Neckar Beethovenstraße” to 5 own drawings.

Theme: colours, mixture and fantasy.

Content =

Imagine, the children of the kindergarten pull out of a box an orange carrot or a yellow banana or a tiny

root from a tree. Yes, then there surprices, questions and fantasies are beginning.

When a dry fennel tuber will be the hotspot of the workshop, faces will form out from photographies

or magazins, then it’s good, the artist is around us, to unravel the art miracel.

The children and I have laughed a lot.


DSCN0778_neu Jack in the box, Acryl 85 x 60 cm

DSCN0675_neu My drawing “stumbling beetle, Acryl 85 x 60 cm” is exhibited at the kindergarten Freiberg am Neckar

DSCN0672_neu dragon with a yellow ballon, Acryl 85 x 60 cm

HPIMGesicht10_neu Harry Rowohlt, Acryl 85 x 60 cm

HPIMGesicht23_neu Dieter, Acryl 85 x 60 cm