Exhibition of the year: arts club Ludwigsburg – english


Title: portrait of artist Thomas Weber


Acryl, 85 x 60 cm.

Intensive colour expression and my personell perception is combining to my own style in my portraits.

The portrait shows the famous ceramic artist Thomas Weber from Ludwigsburg.



„Platzhirsch“ – „top dog“

Img0005_neu        Img0009_neu

Method: paper, folded

Red and white octahedrons (the surface is getting inside), 4,7 x 4,7 cm,

400 pieces (plus 1 black), are in touch together in a floor space from 3 x 3 m.

The black commander „top dog“ delimits his own district against his red and

white combatants.



with object „Klarheit I und Klarheit II“ – „clarity I and clarity II“


Mixture method at wood.

With sand, corrugated paper, acrylic paints, gypsum, wire and newsprints.