Christina Pardes – my visions – english


For more than 12 years, I’m active in the artschool Labyrinth with course instructors Gerhard Foltin, Heike Grüss

and now Markus Merkle.

I drew in regional workshops by Elke Bach, Renate Leidner and Erne Schäfer.

As an active member in the arts club Ludwigsburg, I operated together with artists

in the annual exhibition and I always had the possibility to portray the artists by photograph or

in a drawing, for exemple the artist Thomas Weber, Gerhard Foltin, Markus Merkle.

I like to take part on competitions and sometimes to win, and to get

orders for portrait-photographies in flyers, books and CD’s.

For years I’m volunteering in the nature kindergarten Sonnenwirbel in Münchingen

and live a life as a bird-watcher.


My visions are =

to connect the spirit of my art and my photography with the nature, the children and the human.

To combine the creative spirit – and the working spirit, for exemple visits in the kindergarten

to the themes drawing, fantasy or bird watching.


I wish =

to connect my children illustration with the storyteller Christiane Rehm.

To illustrate children stories.

An exhibition in the little paradise garden „Schloß Monrepos“.

To draw new faces forever.

To make portrait photographs for flyers, events, CD’s …

An exhibition in Berlin.

An exhibition in New York. Christina Pardes NY meets Christina Pardes LB.

To draw the scenery from the children dance for Andrea Kunz-Brändle.


I’m very happy about this @ may the spirit fly.

Friendly regards.

Christina Pardes